Back Pain

Approximately 80% of Australians will experience back pain at one stage in their lives. Although it is assumed as a common symptom, not everyone is aware that our feet play a role in some types of back pain.

Our feet play a critical role in normal function and posture. It is common to find that people who experience back pain have poor foot symmetry and function.

How can our feet influence Back Pain?

Abnormal mechanics and function can lead to pain, tightness or overuse in other parts of the body. For example, rolled in feet can cause asymmetry causing uneven load through our knees and hips thus heavily influence back posture.

Structural factors include leg length discrepancy where one leg may be shorter than the other. This can be due to muscle, tendon tightness, or extra length in a particular segment in our legs.

How can a Podiatrist help?

Our Podiatrists will be able to assess your foot function and determine whether your feet, knees or hips are contributing to the source of back pain. This involves a Biomechanical Assessment.

A biomechanical assessment involves our Podiatrists to check your ranges of motion, muscle power and gait using our electronic gait system. Additionally posture, footwear and activity will be discussed and examined.

If your back pain is not related to your function or foot structure our Podiatrists will refer you to another health care professional or specialist that can further assist your problems.