Gait Scan

At Ozfeet Podiatry, we assess gait with the use of a gait scan in addition to our professional expertise. Our gait scan is a 2.4m long state of the art force and pressure plate. It is linked to software which allows our podiatrists to identify any abnormalities during standing and walking, as well as assess balance.

What does a gait scan do?

  • Scans the foot to look at centre of gravity, and pressure in the feet
  • Assesses pressure and time parameters when walking

Foot pressure and video gait software

Our gait scan is joined with Free Step software to assist in evaluating foot pressure, posture, biomechanics, and human-space movement.

It is the only product that can get:

  • standing and walking foot pressure
  • motion and video analysis
  • digital foot photography
  • balance testing
  • statistical analysis