Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toe nails are a common, painful condition commonly seen in our clinic. The term ‘ingrown’ is generally used to describe a sensation of pain and discomfort around the nail despite the fact in most cases the nail does not grow into the surrounding skin. Ingrown toe nails are most common on the sides of the big toe where one or both edges push into the surrounding skin. This causes redness, irritation and pain of the surrounding skin. Sometimes this could lead to an infection.


  • Tight or poorly fitting shoes, resulting in the nail being pushed into the skin
  • Trauma to the toe or nail. This could be caused by stubbing your toe or dropping something on them.
  • Incorrect trimming of the nail.
  • Genetics, some people inherit curved nails or chubby toes putting you at higher risk of ingrowing.

What does a typical treatment plan involve?

  • Ingrown toe nails generally respond well to initial conservative treatment. Our Podiatrists will be able to offer you relief within the first consultation.
  • Our Podiatrists will discuss general prevention, management and appropriate footwear to prevent reoccurrence.
  • For chronic and reoccurring ingrowing nails, our Podiatrists can discuss and ultimately perform a nail surgery to permanently remove and sterilise the problem portion of the nail.

When should you see a Podiatrist for your ingrown nail?

Ingrown toe nails respond to treatment significantly better the earlier they are treated. Nails that are left to inflame or get infected heal slower or can cause further future damage.