Knee Pain

It is very common to overlook the knees as a potential foot problem, however knee pain can be a symptom for a deep underlying problem.

The most common cause of knee pain is pronation or flat feet, this causes the knees to internally rotate can cause abnormal load and function.

How is knee pain assessed and diagnosed?

The cause of your heel pain is diagnosed by our podiatrists through a biomechanical assessment.

A biomechanical assessment is a one hour appointment which involves:
•   Assessing how mobile your muscles and joints are
•   Looking at the structure of your feet, and how they are functioning
•   Gait analysis using our electronic barometric gait mat which also shows your pressure distribution when walking and standing

One must understand that knee pain is generally a symptom, a holistic approach must be undertaken to find the true underlying issue.

What does a typical treatment plan involve?

•   Stretching or strengthening any muscles that are contributing to your pain
•   Footwear recommendation specific to your activity and foot type
•   Functional orthotics to correct alignment and foot positioning